About Me

Let's Get Acquainted

Hello! My name is Kaitlyn and this is my blog. I'm still in high school and quite honestly, there really isn't a good reason for me to make this, but my boredom got the best of me.

The idea I have as of now is to basically just rant and write about whatever strikes my fancy. I'm always up for a new adventure and creating this blog is the latest of many.

I hope you, oh reader, are up for the fantastic challenge of keeping up with my crazy ideas and passionate essays. I promise they will be thoroughly entertaining. Well, some of them at least. This stuff is funnier when you say it out loud, I promise.

So anyway, I hope you enjoy reading about whatever my extraordinarily average brain comes up with. Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed your stay. 

No wait. Please don't leave because of the cheesiness of this whole thing. I can't help it, honestly.

Anyway. I hope you enjoy reading this stuff more than I do writing it. Thanks